Cost of Living in Brazil - Prices

Cost of Living in Brazil – Prices 2019/2020

Cost of Living Brazil – Many people who are thinking about to live in Brazil ask themselves what the daily life actually costs. But not only for expats this guideline is interesting but also for travelers too, so they can plan their budget fro a Brazil trip more accurate.

Although Brazil is in some ways more expensive than the US or Europe, you still get a better lifestyle at a lower price. So that you do not overestimate yourself, we will give you some tips and information that you can calculate your budget for living in Brazil. Not infrequently, many people underestimated the cost of living in Brazil and ultimately had to go back to their home countries.

Our information here are only for solo travelers or single guys. If you have a Brazilian girlfriend, so expect a much higher budget, because the women in Brazil expecting you to take care about them. Small gifts, dinners and sometimes party, no woman in Brazil will complain about that.

What budget do I need for one month in Brazil?

The question is unfortunately not always so easy to answer, because everyone has a different lifestyle. After all, it’s up to you how much luxury you need to live. We have already heard that it is theoretically possible to live in Brazil with just 350USD a month. In our opinion, that does not work. 500-600USD a month seems to be more realistic, but even with this budget you have to live a minimalist life.

To be able to live a good but easy life in Brazil you should calculate a budget of roughly 1.200-1.500USD per month.

Are the US or Europe cheaper than Brazil?

Yes and no. Depending on what you buy. Apartments (apart from great Beach Apartments on the Copacabana), food, electricity etc. all this is much cheaper in Brazil than in Europe or the States. Electronic goods and all imported goods, however, is much more expensive than in Europe or US. You must therefore pay close attention to what you really need or whether it makes sense for you to emigrate to Brazil at all. The cost of living in Brazil is low, but if you always need the latest technology and imported goods, Brazil is not really worthwhile as a residence.

Where is the cheapest place in Brazil?

In general there is no serious price difference in the individual regions between city and countryside. However, there is a strong north-south divide: the more south you are, the more expensive it gets. Nevertheless, there are some regions in the north of the country where life is a bit more expensive, such as in the regions around Fortaleza, Refice and Salvador.

It gets really expensive only in São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. São Paulo can be identified as the most expensive city in Brazil and in relation to the local income also as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Of course, it always plays a decisive role, where you settle down in the city. If you want to live in the center of the city, or directly in front of the sea, the prices rise accordingly. Same rule for the hotels. In 2nd or 3rd row it will be much cheaper, but also a bit more dangerous, the farther you are away from the city-center…

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Beautiful Rio is not the cheapest place to live in Brazil…

Prices for accommodation in Brazil

Compared to US or Europe, the apartments are much cheaper. Here you will find something in every price category. The cost of a more remote apartment in Rio de Janeiro starting from 350USD per month. In Sao Paulo the costs are much higher; they vary greatly depending on (safe) urban areas and university proximity, starting from 450USD. If you want to live in Rio in the area around Ipanema or Copacabana with SeaView, you should estimate at least $1,100 and much more for a small / tiny apartment!

Prices Brazil 2019/2020

Enclosed we give you the current prices in Brazil (2020), so you can get a rough idea of ​​how much the cost of living in Brazil are. The indicated prices are only average. These may differ slightly depending on the location, but only minimally. You will see for yourself that the cost of living in Brazil is not really expensive. If you pay attention to your budget, you can live really well with a small budget here.

Hotel prices Brazil

  • Cheap Hotel (Room / Night) – 70 USD (~ 160.66 BRL)
  • Mid-Range Hotel (Room / Night) – 111 USD (~ 254.76 BRL)
  • Luxury Hotel (Room / Night) – 147 USD (~ 337.38 BRL)

Transport prices Brazil

  • Gasoline (per liter) – 1.26 USD (~ 5.1 BRL)
  • Taxi (5 miles on business day) – 13 USD (~ 53 BRL)

Food prices in Brazil

  • Typical Meal (Per Person) – 8 USD (~ 32 BRL)
  • Fast Food (McDonalds / KFC) (Per Person) – 7 USD (~ 26 BRL)
  • Egg (12 eggs) -1.66 USD (~ 7 BRL)
  • Potatoes (1 Kg) – 1.02 USD (~ 4 BRL)
  • Tomato (1 Kg) – 1.71 USD (~ 7 BRL)
  • Apple (1 Kg) – 1.76 USD (~ 7 BRL)

Prices for drinks in Brazil

  • Milk (per liter) – 1 USD (~ 4 BRL)
  • Coca / Pepsi (2 liters bottle) – 1.61 USD (~ 6 BRL)
  • Beer (0.33 liter bottle) – 1.22 USD (~ 5 BRL)
  • Bottle of Bottled Water (0.5 Liter) – 0.95 USD (~ 4 BRL)

Other costs in Brazil

  • Cigarettes (Per Pack) – 2.4 USD (~ 10 BRL)
  • Beer in Pub – 2.96 USD (~ 12 BRL)
  • Car (VW Golf) – 20.000 USD (~ 82,000 BRL)
  • Movie Ticket – 7 USD (~ 25 BRL)

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