Brazilian Dating Websites - the best ways to meet Brazilian girls

Brazilian Dating Websites – the best ways to meet Brazilian girls

Brazilian Dating Websites & Apps – The best ways for dating in Brazil: You are looking for a Brazilian girl? Then we have just the right tips for you. In this Brazilian dating website review we present you the best dating sites & apps, where you can meet Brazilian women quickly and easily, in Brazil, USA, UK or anywhere else on this globe.

Many of the here listed dating sites are completely free, others offering a premium plan but can be used free of charge in the basic version. To help you to find your dream woman or just your erotic Brazilian adventure, we present you the best dating websites for Brazilian women here at a glance.

BrazilCupid – Our Number 1 Dating Website

Brazilcupid Logo

BrazilCupid is one of the best Brazilian dating websites in our opinion and is our personal favorite. You will find not only in Brazil of thousands of hot Brazilian girls, but also in the US, UK and the rest of the world. You can easily and quickly search for Brazilian women worldwide and contact them for free.

As mentioned, BrazilCupid is a free dating portal. Although there is a premium version, where you have a lot more advantages, but basically you can use the this dating site in its basic functions completely free, just try and register…

BrazilCupid offers thousands of Brazilian women around the world looking for relationships, friendship, dating, erotic adventures or even paid sex. The database of BrazilCupid is huge, so you will definitely have the best chances here, no matter what you are looking for!

About BrazilCupid we have written a detailed review, where you will learn all the information about the prices, the free functions and our experience with the page. Check the BrazilCupid review here…

BrazilCupid Search Results

AdultFriendFinder – For hot Brazilian sex dates

AFF Logo

A slightly different dating website is AdultFriendFinder (AFF). AFF is not only a Brazilian dating site, but of course there are members from Brazil as well. Adult Friend Finder is not the typical romance dating webpage like BrazilCupid. AFF is more like an online swinger club, where couples, as well as many single women (and men) are just looking for sex. If this is what you really want, then AdultFriendFinder is the right choice for you. Especially in Brazil, where sex is extremely important, there are many girls and couples on the platform registered and ready for hot casual dates in Brazil.

AdultFriend Finder in Brazil works very well. Many of our readers tested the AFF in Brazil already and were literally amazed. However, on AFF it is unlikely to find love, you should only use AFF if you are into wild uncomplicated sex with Brazilian women and couples. If you are looking for this offer kind of dates in Brazil, you will find paradise here.

If you are brave and want to experience something new, then you will be almost 100% successful on AFF. A premium membership is in our opinion mandatory, otherwise it is hard to get in touch with others as there are too many restrictions in the free basic plan. The membership can be booked monthly and starts at around 10 US-Dollars, so it is not really much loss if you find out, that you don’t like the offer there…


Tinder Logo

Many are familiar with Tinder already. This is an app that shows other users near around you. This ensures that you always see women at your present location, therefore it is easy to meet somebody quickly. Swipe left or right to signal that you like the girl or not. If two likes meet, the chat window opens and chatting is possible.

Unfortunately, Tinder does not allow you to search for a specific country in the free version, so it will be a bit difficult, for example to meet Brazilian women in the US or UK. However, if you use the app during your Brazil vacation, you will get many suggestions and with some luck, it may come to a date.

Since Tinder works worldwide, the app is ideal for quickly making new contacts around you. Tinder has many „normal“ users which are searching for friendship or relationship as well as many prostitutes. What are you searching for, is up to you…

Happn – The Tinder alternative in Brazil

Happn Logo

An excellent alternative to Tinder is Happn. Actually, the two apps differ only slightly from each other, because they offer the same principle. Why we recommend the app, although it is similar, if not almost the same as Tinder? That’s because Happn works great, especially in Sao Paulo. Tinder works well as a Brazilian dating app in Brazil, but not everywhere. If you are doing a holiday in Sao Paulo, for example, we recommend using Happn, as you will get more suggestions than anywhere else. But Happn is also doing well in Rio and is quite popular all over Brazil.

Badoo in Brazil

Badoo Logo

Badoo is one of the most popular single exchanges worldwide and also very popular in Brazil. The dating app is a great way to meet hot Brazilian girls and get in touch with them quickly. Badoo is available on the web (browser) but also as an app for iPhone and Android phones and for the most part is absolutely free to use. Badoo understands itself as a dating, chat and socialize app.

The chance of success at Badoo to meet a woman in Brazil in our opinion is well over 90%. With Badoo you will find a large selection of Brazilian women, we guarantee that you will not have to search too long. In some cases there are also prostitutes on Badoo, but there is the larger offer of „normal“ Brazilian women in search for dates and love.

However, please note: At Badoo, the focus of the girls is certainly not on foreigners, so you probably have it much easier with BrazilCupid …

Dating in Brazil: Tips

As amazing as dating in Brazil can be, so many dangers are always present. Especially when doing Internet Dating you never know who is actually behind it. Although you are mostly on the safe side with the dating portals recommend here, we would like to give you some tips how to avoid trouble…

Brazilian Woman sitting on chair

Do not send money: Unfortunately, there are also many scammers in the Brazilian dating websites and are just trying to get your money. So if the question about the money comes up relatively quickly be alerted! Good women would never ask you for money when meeting on the internet….

Do not share private data or images: Never share your address or real phone number. There are thousands of alternatives to get in touch with girls on the internet: Instagram, Skype, Facebook, etc. You can still exchange phone numbers after your first real date, but before we advise against it. Also sending of pictures (for example in suggestive pose or naked) is a taboo! If a blackmailer sits at the other end, he has you very private pictures of you in his hands… Even more if he has your real Facebook and your phone number / address!

Beware of Pay6: On Brazilian dating websites are many good girls looking for real love. But that does not mean that prostitutes / freelancers will not find their way into the game. It may happen that you think that this is a normal date, that leads to sex and misunderstandings afterwards. So please be careful and ask if there is anything unclear… We do not need to point out that you should ask questions like this very carefully. For the most part, there are many normal women on the dating sites who are serious about finding love for life. If you confront such a lady, for example with Pay6, you have already lost. In general, it is not a bad thing that you can meet both types of girls in the dating portals, you just have to know what you are getting involved in.

In our opinion, all the websites and apps listed here are the best dating opportunities in Brazil, where you guaranteed can find a date with a pretty Brazilian woman.

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