Brazilian Girls and Foreign Men - How does it work-

Brazilian girls and foreign men – can it work?

Brazilian women and foreign men – Can this work? Many people are asking themselves this question before they are going into a relationship with a beautiful woman from Brazil. And the answer is easy: No one can predict whether a relationship will work or not. We know people who have been happily married to a Brazilian for 30 years, others have divorced after only 6 months. The same applies to all other relationships over this world. Many of our acquaintances have been happily married for years, while others have left one relationship after the next…

If you’re with a Brazilian woman, it’s the same. Nobody can tell in advance if it will work or not. Normally, you will notice over time whether the relationship is strong enough or not.

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Americans, Europeans and the Brazilian are just different from the ground up. This is due to the culture, the country and the general attitude towards life. The European and American needs a plan for everything. The Brazilian just lives into the day. Come what may come. In addition, the Brazilians have a completely different mentality, see here…

What do we mean by that? If a couple wants it to work between a foregin man and a Brazilian woman, then both sides are forced to compromise and to consider each other’s mentality. If that happens, then nothing should stand in the way of a happy relationship, right?

It’s also important to know your girls and what her intentions are. There are a lot of good Brazilian woman who are looking for a steady relationship, while others are only interested in material things and will turn their backs on you once they have taken enough cash out of you… That’s the truth. So life is. But does this have to happen with all Brazilian women? No, definitely not! Just keep it in mind and take your time to build a relationship.

A large part is also up to you. It’s not always women’s fault that a relationship between a foreigner and a Brazilian does not work. Many men make high demands and want the woman learns the language of their partners, to follow him everywhere and change the livelihood, etc.

But why should only the woman adapt your lifestyle and language? Why do you not learn Portuguese that you can communicate better? Why do you want to take her to your country to live together instead of building a future together in Brazil?

We do not blame anyone, please do not get it wrong, but maybe the post is something to think about? Learning Portuguese is e.g. really not difficult and you would do your girlfriend a big favor.

If you booth intend to live abroad, then there is no way around that she learns the local language, but you can also learn Portuguese along with her and so you can find your way around Brazil during vacation or even if you plan to live there after retirement.

So back to our question: Brazilian women and foreign men – Can this work? Why not? You can not predict it, but theoretically nothing stands in the way of a happy relationship between different nationalities. Every partner should just adapt a little bit and we are sure everything will be alright…

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