The reason why Brazilian girls love foreign men

The reason why Brazilian girls love foreign men

Why Brazilian women like foreign men? Every men would be happy if he could call a well-tanned, stunningly beautiful Brazilian woman as his girlfriend. The sexy curves of her body, the dark skin and the mentality of the Brazilian women make you fall in love quickly. But can a relationship between a hot Brazilian girl and foreigners go well? Other countries, different mentality… This could bring up some insurmountable problems. Why Brazilian girls although love foreigners, we will explain you here.

The beautiful Brazilians

Brazilian women are hot, kindhearted, passionate, impulsive and spontaneous. Many foreign countries like the US or UK are well known that everything is planned down to the smallest detail, clearly the total opposite of the Brazilian lifestyle. Brazilian women love the sun, the samba and, of course, their bodies. They spend a lot of time in salons, at waxing and in the spa, because body is in Brazil cult… Foreign men, however, pay most of the time less attention to the appearance. Many differences, many concerns and many questions… We help you out.

Brazilian Bikini Girls

Do Brazilian women want a foreigner for a better life?

Sexual harassment, domestic violence and rape are commonplace in Brazil. The government does not give a damn about it, most of the time. The woman has to submit to the man and fulfil his desires without any doubt or question. There is hardly a country on earth where there are so many rapes and assaults on women as in Brazil.

In many western countries, however, it is already illegal, if you only grab a woman’s butt. And you will be immediately blamed as a “sex offender”. A completely different world as in Brazil. So do Brazilian women want a foreigner only for a better life? No! It is all about respect and the difference how foreigners treat their partners.

Brazilian women also just want to start a family

Does not everyone has the dream of meeting the kindhearted partner sooner or later and starting a family? In Brazil, most women want that. However, finding a good local man for a Brazilian woman is a difficult task. In Brazil, there is a significant majority of women. Estimated there is one man on six women. Since there are such a large number of women, and almost everyone would like to have a boyfriend / husband / family, it often happens that the Brazilian macho men have several women. It is also somehow difficult to find a honest and good man in Brazil for many local women and therefore foreigners are really welcome.

Brazilian Wedding - Tradition and Dresscode

The foreign gentleman – The big hit?

Most men from US, UK or Europe are a good partners in a relationship. They take care, show understanding and treat their girl like a treasure. They carry their lady on hands and fulfill her every wish. Foreigners are the total opposite of the local macho men and this is something that Brazilian women are knowing long time already. Therefore foreigners are a really great and good option for many Brazilian girls who are looking for a happy long term relationship.

In a nutshell: Brazilian girls love foreign men, because they are very good partners. The women have a great opportunity to become happy and to fulfill their dream of a good life and a family. Even though there are many minor obstacles between Brazilians that have to be mastered (language, culture, etc.), nothing stands in the way of a happy relationship if both sides are working on it.

Are Brazilian women better than women form US or Europe?

US/European women are known for being well educated, emancipated and rational. They make high demands on the partner and in many cases career comes before children and family. Many women from US/Europe are also pretty boring and conservative and the relationship is like a prison sentence. Especially if it comes to sex it is really difficult for them to keep up with Brazilian women… We do not throw all western women in a pot, because of course there are enough exceptions, but to be honest: are western women well known for sex appeal, fun and the easy life? Answer the question for yourself…

How to meet Brazilian Girls in Brazil during your holiday

How long can such a relationship with a western women working well? A man needs a lot of variety in the relationship, if he does not get it, so he gets bored quickly. Women from Brazil, on the other hand, are spontaneous, kindhearted and relatively easy to deal with. Additionally they are passionate lovers in bed. They do not problematize sex and the gender role, just follow their natural instincts. And that is exactly what the foreign men love about Brazilian women.

What claims do Brazilian women have to a foreign man?

Not many, actually. As you have already learned, only very few have a chance to be happy in Brazil and start a family. Therefore, a Brazilian woman wants a foreign man who is loyal to her and gives her a place in his life. For a foreign gentleman, it should not be difficult to treat an exotic Brazilian beauty well. A Brazilian woman wants tenderness, love, appreciation and maybe children. Of course, most of Brazilian women like the „wealth“ of foreigners as well, but first and foremost, she just wants to be treated as a woman deserves. We’ve mentioned it before, Brazilians are easy to handle.

In general, we can say: Between Brazilian women and foreign men is quite a good relationship possible!

Where to find good Brazilian girls?

All over the world! Even in the US estimated over 500.000 Brazilian women, are living. There are dating agencies, but also online dating sites where you can search for Brazilian women worldwide. Our recommendation is BrazilCupid. On this free dating platform, you can search for Brazilian women worldwide. Best grounds to find Brazilian girls are definitely the cities in Brazil but also in the US, UK and other European countries it is easy to find a nice Brazilian date with BrazilCupid. The chances of success are very good. It’s best to read our BrazilCupid test, where you’ll find out everything you need to know about the popular dating site.

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